Sacred Lotus for Women retraite: Womb Healing & Kundalini Rise

From 14-17 September 2023 Tanja organizes again a 4 day womens retreat. This time without plant medicine.  Theme is Womb Healing & Kundalini Rise. In this retreat the focus lies on just being, not having to work hard. To relax completely and experience without effort. Of course you will process whatever will come,  but we mainly will slow down and just be with whatever there is. 

Us women keep on working and keep on going. Tanja does. But it is important to find the balance between rest and action. In this retreat you will find both. You will receive a lot, without working hard.  


In the program:  13th rite de passage (Womb healing), Breathwork twice, cacao ceremony, Kundalini Touch session,  Heartdancing, sauna, silent walk in forest and a lot more (we keep also some surprises ;-)).  

So this time a special 4 day retreat with the new tool that Tanja has learned, Kundalini Touch. Activation and strengthening of the live energy, your live energy in this moment. You can experience your body but also altered states of consciousness. To connect the cosmic and earthly state from the heart.  

Date: 14-17 September 2023, Meeuwenveen accommodation in Havelte (Holland)
Price: € 695 including staying overnight and meals (normal veggie meals, so no fasting ;-)). Bedsheets and towel for rent (€ 15) or you can bring your own. 
This retreat will be facilitated by Tanja Faber-Baetsen, co founder of The Sacred Voyage and founder of  Sacred Lotus 

Tanja has almost 18 years of experience in guiding inner child work, plant medicine ceremonies, breathwork, womens work and Heartdancing.  

Sisters gathering in this retreat to share, heal, laugh, cry and enjoying the moment.  You are welcome to join us!

Down payment only in this webshop. Remaining fee in Sacred Lotus.  Contact Tanja at