The Sacred Marriage - Deposit

From July 20-23 we are hosting a new retreat, The Sacred Marriage. A special retreat, because we will experience the feminine (the mother plant) and the masculine (the Huachuma, grandfather spirit) one after the other.

In addition, as we do in all our retreats, also breathwork, sharings and Heartdancing. The feminine will support you in insights, knowledge and healing from your inner wounds. It can bring your dreams back to life. It's an inner voyage. The masculine will lead you to focus and purpose from the heart. A very grounding energy.

This voyage is more connected to the world around us. Together they lead you the way to your heart and the inner strength necessary to realize what is important for you.

Time: Start July 20, arrival between 2-3 p.m., End July 23 around 1:30 p.m.
Location: Drenthe (2 hours from Amsterdam)
Language of instruction: English
Price for 4 days: € 745 incl overnight stays and catering (incl VAT)

This retreat is led by Sijtje Jansen and Bas Janssen, two very experienced ceremony leaders at De Gewijde Reis.

You can request more information from Check contraindications carefully: with Huachuma, the combination with medication is not possible!

Product information:

workshop: multi-day
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