An evening with heart opening cacao, Heartdancing with Tanja and Ecstatic Dance with resident DJ Tobi.
Our Ecstatic Dance evenings are called Supreme Lovers Ecstatic Dance: lovers of life and love. It's for singles and couples. 


We dance without words, barefoot, in our own energy, so no coffee, alcohol or drugs and with respect for others. 
There is free tea and water with natural flavours. Please bring your own non breakable cup. 
Register in advance for the Ecstatic Dance and cacao ceremony due to limited spots. 


Note: high bloodpressure and heart diseases are contra indication for ceremonial cacao. 

Time: 7-10 pm
Door opens at 6.15 pm
Price: 18 euro online or 15 cash at door
Venue: Sacred Temple, Oostzijde 355, Zaandam

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