Brotherhood retreat


In this retreat you shall connect with your male energy in all kind of layers. Being a man means standing in your strength, finding your purpose in life, to create and provide. 

Manhood knows several phases in your life, which can pass by in this retreat. From a baby to teenager. From young adulthood growing into a prince and from there turning into a king and owning your own kingdom. Eventually becoming the elder in the last phase of your life. 


A retreat about truth, authenticity, rawness, vulnerability, honesty, connection and love. Love for yourself. Love for your brothers. 


What are we going to do? 
- sharing
- breathwork
- bio energetics 
- fire ritual
- trance dance
- plant ceremony plant (mother)


When: 1-3 December 2023
Where: In a beautiful venue in the forest in Drenthe
Price: € 525 (including food/accommodation)
Leader & guides: guided by experienced men from all ages (30+/40+/50+/60+), co-led by Rob Hulscher & Arjan Mulder

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